Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yes- for those of you who are in the doldrums of January (as I am) here is the brand new Not Pretty To Watch CONTEST!

It's simple-just email me at debdotseanatsympaticodotca (of course, you must remove the words in italics and replace with the correct symbols) and leave your name, city (and state/province/country) as well as a few sentences telling me what you do when you are in the doldrums- tell me how to get out of them! Funny is good, things you have tried-good- anything goes, really.

And the winner gets this.....
A beautiful sheep bag to carry around your knitting-big enough to carry a sock or two, or even the start of a sweater-and you know, of course, that it won't be completely empty when it arrives at the winner's door!!!!!! (I will do a wee bit of stash diving!)
So here's the deal-every person who enters with a story gets one ticket. If you put this contest up on your blog, let me know and I will enter your name again. I will get my trusty servant (missie Annie) to draw a name- and voila! That one person gets a brief reprieve from the winter doldrums! (I mean- how down can you feel if you are carrying a sheepy knitting bag on your arm????)
Let the emails begin!!!!!!

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