Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Correct me if I am wrong- but isn't this the same kind of weather we had before that ice storm? I swear I am getting the strangest dreams at night just thinking about it!

In the knitting news- I started a new something for myself- out of Fleece Artist/Handmaiden Ottawa-single spun wool with tweed flecks (viscose?) dyed with some spectacularity. I had originally bought it to make the Ilga Leja coat-

but once I got into the swatch, I figured all of those dropped stitches-well, definitely NOT me. I would be likely to catch something in a dropped stitch and make a fine mess of all the knitting. The Ottawa I ordered is sort of like this in the picture- no blue in it though- all shades of green with a touch of taupe-I LOVE it. So- I went after a knitty pattern- that I think is absolutely inspired (yes, go take a minute and look at it- you will think so, too)-Okay, you're back?-and I played around a smidgen with the gauge- and I think I am making something that just might be THE most wearable piece of clothing I will ever own. I am using progressively larger needles across the bodice-and because "the girls" need some extra playground area, I imagine I will play around with some short row shaping along the front bust(fairly easy to do with the 1 x 2 rib pattern). Or heck-I could add a stitch here and there-hiding in the ribbing-we'll see-I might do both). I plan on playing with the sleeves- maybe not so long, sort of three-quarter length? ending in a bit of a flare maybe, with a lace edging? And the "skirt" part of the thing will be lacier-instead of the cabled pattern-but dense, not "see through" lace (don't want to give up all the mystery, ya know-and, personally, some things on me are best left all covered up). And when my BIL returns the camera I accidentally left behind, I will take a picture of what I have, so far (beautiful, let me tell you).
Has anyone made this yet? Or plan on it?

By the by-isn't fashion a great thing when non-prego women can wear maternity clothes and look stylish????????????????

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