Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pictures.........(lots)......brought to you by Bear

Hello-it's me, Bear. I likee my party hat- makes me look oh so suave. But we are here to talk about knitting. First off.......
First came a pile of yarn- all of this is Ottawa, by Fleece Artist/HandMaiden. It is mostly 1 ply wool, with flecks of rayon. Really cool stuff.

This is Deb's design for a sweater- top down, high waisted, lacy skirt. Even though it is is a bit blurry, it is representative of the colour of the Ottawa.

And, of course, there is always a sock around- this one is Opal Rainbow, using the new Knitpicks dp needles (Harmony wood)

And, of course, Deb is knitting for somebody's baby-this is a Zoe Mellor sweater pattern-tiger on the front- made from Naturally Buttons yarn.

And, apparently, this little guy has a thing about tails (I will keep mine to myself, thank you very much)
So there is a tail on the sweater.
I just hope the little guy doesn't wear the sweater backwards- that would look odd indeed.

Me pretty tired now- I think I am going to go lounge on my dad. Whoever has a big enough lap works for me.


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