Monday, September 7, 2009

My baby is growing up!!!!!

My baby (well, she is all of 11 going on 22) went out and babysat for an hour yesterday. The "babysittee" is a sweet little 2 year old neighbour. Her daddy was out in the yard working, and mommy had to run some errands, so Annie was called into service. Sean and I were here if she needed anything. Anyhow, she came home very happy and very proud of herself. She said she didn't want any money for it (that will change, I am sure). I asked her how everything went, and she said, "Mom, I never got how important wet wipes were, Until today." I said, "A diaper incident?" She responded with,"And how." Well, her first real diaper (she took the babysitting class last year at school. One of the teachers offered it for 10 and 11 year olds, to get them ready for taking the "real" class and getting the certificate). Then Annie said," I am going to thank Madame (the teacher who gave that club) for that class. Boy! Did I need it!!!!!" So, all is well.

And other news-my husband has long been a fan of Princess Auto. And lookee lookee-He got into the flyer!!!!! He is a tech teacher at Napanee District, and he had his kids build a bio-diesel chopper!!!! (He rides the bikes around the block- I swear it is a "guy magnet"-the men kinda swarm around them!)

The flyer date is September 1st to 13th, if you wanted to check it out yourself. (The Princess Auto flyer goes across Canada). (You can click to make it bigger)

I am pretty darn proud of him.

Onto knitterly news- I started the "Travelling Woman" scarf/shawlette (Ravelry project). I used some BFL fingering from Impulse of Delights in the "Dancing Moss" colourway.
I swear this colourway is made for being happy. I now want to make a LARGER version- using this yarn. Ruth doesn't have any left in stock. BUT-if you have some and want to sell or trade-leave me a note. It is Impulse of Delight's fingering BFL, in the "Dancing Moss" colourway.
Off I go to spend a lazy Labour Day. We had a salmon BBQ last night with some friends-it was a hoot. So today is lazy day.
Have a happy Labour Day, whatever you do!

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