Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some Sunday Morning Pictures

Since I haven't posted ANYTHING for awhile- here are some pictures.......
First of all- this is a moebius cowl out of some beautiful gradient dyed BFL by the lovely Ruth from Knitting on Impulse. This particular one was a sunset type of colourway. I used maybe 2/3 of the skein-it was a gift for the long suffering school secretary.

Secondly- what the hubster does on the weekend-no, not chain saw dueling (can't you just hear the banjo music playing????) But helping a friend clear cedar from his property. You can see the house under construction in the background. (By the way-Sean is on the left in the red)
And Halloween food..........
With a devilish side.......... (amazing what one can do with dip and a bit of ketchup on a toothpick)
And, of course, a gratuitous shot of the Bear. Looking sad. I was going to work and he was trying to demonstrate his displeasure.
By the way- he puts his feet up to his ears like that. He often does that and then puts his head down under his hind legs!

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